Exterior Supreme $70
Interior Supreme $70
Headlight Restoration $70
Carpet Shampoo $80
Engine Wash $80
Mini Detail Combo $100
Express Detail $110 – Include clay bar and hand wax
Interior Shampoo $160
Complete Auto Detailing $310
Buff and Wax $140

Express#2 Monthly Membership - Soapy Suds Car Wash

Full-Service #3 Carwash, Clay Bar, and Single Stage Polish

With our professional auto detailing services in Valencia, Soapy Suds can restore your vehicle to its former showroom glory. Auto detailing will eliminate common problems such as pet hair, spilled liquids, tree sap, dust, dirt, mud, and more. As the trusted source for car detailing in Valencia, we are committed to providing our customers with phenomenal service matched with exceptional quality. As part of our auto detailing services, our experienced detailers meticulously clean and wax every inch of your vehicle in a multi-step process that is done by hand using premium detailing products. From sports vehicles to classics, exotics, luxury vehicles, and more, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands with Soapy Suds Car Wash. Across our 15 years of serving the city, we have consistently offered the best auto detailing services in Valencia.

Auto Detailing in Valencia at Soapy Suds Car Wash

As part of our auto detailing services, every facet of your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned from the vehicle's exterior and wheels to the interior (including all of those impossible-to-reach crevices). At our Valencia car wash, all car detailing is performed by our trained and experienced staff who work tirelessly to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. Prior to notifying you that your vehicle is ready, all of our auto detail jobs go through a quality assurance process to make sure that each and every detail has been considered. Beyond providing exceptional quality service, we're proud to offer the lowest prices for auto detailing in Valencia. We do our best to accommodate same-day auto detailing service requests, but you can save yourself a bit of time by calling ahead to schedule when you want to bring your vehicle in.

Valencia's Trusted Car Detailing Service

While other auto detailers sometimes cut corners to save time, we've built a reputation as having the best auto detailing in Valencia by consistently providing top-notch quality and service. Watching the reactions of our customers when they see their vehicle during pick-up makes the time, effort, and attention to detail more than worth it!

When you need car detailing in Valencia, Soapy Suds Car Wash is ready to serve you. Although it is recommended to get your vehicle detailed three times a year, even doing it one time a year and simply continuing to maintain it will help with making sure your vehicle looks great for many years to come. Call us now at (661) 294-3036 with any questions, or stop by to get your car detailed right away. Please inquire for additional details about boat and RV detailing in Valencia.

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